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Perfect Pushup v2 – Review

Stewart Rogers April 18, 2012 No Comments on Perfect Pushup v2 – Review
Perfect Pushup v2 – Review
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The Perfect Pushup v2 is, in many ways, a simple device. Resembling a pair of pushup grips that have grown big elephant feet, the concept is as easy to grasp as the units themselves.

By putting pushup grips on a rotating base, your muscles have to work harder to maintain balance during the pushup, and the device helps you keep good form throughout.

But does the Perfect Pushup v2 work as advertised?

We first came across the Perfect Pushup in an infomercial on a shopping channel, probably late at night. Of course, they had adonis-like men showing how easy it was to use, flexing their perfect pecs for everyone to see.

The original Perfect Pushup was good, but the v2 has benefited from a range of updates, not least of which are the handles. Softer than the original, they are also wider and therefore are a lot more comfortable to use. They have a pattern moulded into them that gives extra comfort and grip.

The v2 units also benefit from a much better, more attractive design (not that you’ll spend your time looking at them much – remember to keep that head from sagging!), and we feel they spin easier than the original Perfect Pushup too.

The fact that they spin easier and smoother is a bonus not only for the motion Perfect Fitness want to promote, but also for your muscles. By allowing the units to spin more freely and easily, your muscles have to work harder to maintain the right position.

In every way then, the Perfect Pushup v2 is an improvement on the original product. If you are new to doing pushups, you’ll want to avoid using these until you can easily perform a standard pushup, as the effort required to use the Perfect Pushup v2 is similar, only not quite as hard as, a Bosu Ball pushup.

In terms of packaging, you get two Perfect Pushup v2 units and a user guide, along with a small but effective workout chart that offers a number of standard and modified pushup routines. The extra content doesn’t end there though. If you pay a visit to the Perfect Fitness workout video area, you’ll discover a whole range of great pushup routines that will really work your upper-body, and a raft of PDF files to make up for the rather small included wall chart. You can see an example of one of the videos below.

The Perfect Pushup v2 might not be on your ‘must have’ list of home gym equipment, but we believe it is a good addition that can help you take your pushups to a new level, and they are certainly a lot easier on the wallet than a Bosu Ball while providing similar benefits.


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