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High5 Sports Nutrition – Review

Stewart Rogers September 26, 2012 No Comments on High5 Sports Nutrition – Review
High5 Sports Nutrition – Review
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High5 have produced a range of sports nutrition products, ranging from electrolyte replacement to carbohydrate gels. In this meta-review, we cover four of their products as provided by the team at SportPursuit.

In this review, we’ll be looking at four distinct products:

  • Zero – electrolyte and magnesium sports drink tablets with zero sugar and zero calories
  • Energy Source – a 2:1 fructose formulation, diluted in water
  • Energy Gel – fast-acting carbohydrate gel sachet
  • EnergySource 4:1 – a carbohydrate and whey protein formulation, diluted in water

Other than the Zero product, which comes in a tube that contains 20 tablets, all High5 sports nutrition products are in sachet form. Energy Source and 4:1 are diluted in water, as are the Zero tablets, but Energy Gel is to be taken directly from the tube.

Let’s look at the products in isolation.


We tried the citrus flavour tablets, and one common theme you’ll find throughout this review is that the product tasted good. None of the High5 products have any kind of aftertaste or remote association with the gritty, salty electrolyte replacement drinks we used to take on in the old days.

Making up a bottle of Zero is effortless. Drop the tablet into a 500ml or 750ml bottle and wait one minute. The tablet dissolves completely. One tablet makes up to 750ml of drink, although you can use a second tablet to increase the strength of the product. We tested our Zero tablets with 500ml of water as well, and found the mix to be better than using either one tablet or two tablets in 750ml of water.

Zero should be used when doing long sessions of cardio or high-intensity exercise to help replace electrolytes. Although the packaging says it is zero calorie, it does in fact have 1.7 calories per tablet – not quite zero, but you’ll probably burn that extra calorie opening the lid of the tube.

Energy Source

We opted again for the citrus flavour of Energy Source, which tasted great once again. The idea behind this formulation is that by providing a high fructose delivery mechanism, you can absorb 90 grams of carbohydrate per hour instead of 60 grams per hour from sports drinks that contain no fructose.

As such, Energy Source is a good sports drink to have on hand on those occasions when you are involved in long-distance activities. It could also be used after a weightlifting session in conjunction with a protein source, such as a whey shake, as recent research has shown that combining fructose with protein within 20 minutes of finishing the exercise helps to process more of the protein for muscle gain.

Preparation is as easy as Zero – fill up a 500ml bottle, pour in the contents of the sachet and shake. Each sachet contains 180 calories.

Energy Gel

Unlike the other products on test, Energy Gel is a more traditional carbohydrate injection – a sachet you squeeze directly into your mouth when needed. Since carbohydrate, as an energy source, is good for up to 90 minutes of activity, gels are common in long-distance running and cycling as they are easy to use and offer fast injection of carbs to help you on your goal.

Another great-tasting product we were impressed at how easily the gel was ingested and the speed with which we felt the benefits during testing. Each sachet delivers 23g of carbohydrate (of which only 5g are sugars) and has 80 calories.

EnergySource 4:1

Our final High5 sports nutrition product on test is the 4:1 formulation – four parts carbohydrate to one part whey protein isolate, with added electrolytes.

The taste of this product was particularly light and fresh. The 4:1 product is probably best used as a post-exercise recovery drink, where this combination of carbohydrate and protein has been shown to result in better recovery times.

As with Zero, we found the optimal mix for strength and taste was one sachet per 500ml of water, but it will make up to 750ml per sachet. Each serving has 180 calories and contains 9g of protein and 36g of carbohydrate, although 19g of this does come from sugar.

In summary, we found all of the High5 sports nutrition products to be high quality, good tasting and effective. As with many of these products, it does come down to personal taste and body reaction to the contents, so always try them for yourself before committing to too high an order.

The products were supplied by SportPursuit, a UK ‘private sale’ club that provide highly discounted sports products, but which is free to join.

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