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Yo! Sushi – the Slow Carb Dine Out Guide

Stewart Rogers April 4, 2012 Nutrition Comments Off on Yo! Sushi – the Slow Carb Dine Out Guide
Yo! Sushi – the Slow Carb Dine Out Guide

On the Slow Carb Diet? Need to know what to order when dining out at your favourite chains?

Fear not; in a series of articles, UsFitties will reveal the best Slow Carb options for anyone following the Four-Hour Body plan.

In this episode; Yo! Sushi…

At first glance, you might think it difficult to follow the Slow Carb Diet at a sushi bar. All that rice. All those ‘white carbohydrates’ rolling past your eyes on the conveyor belt.

Don’t worry; you can eat at Yo! Sushi without the need for any substitutions or awkward ‘I’m really strict with what I eat’ conversations. Just follow our handy guide.

  • Order anything from the Sashimi menu with the exception of the Salmon Selection, because that comes with two rice-laden rolls. Our favourite is the Coriander Tuna, which adds a little heat for a thermogenic effect.
  • Always add the Edamame Beans. The Kaiso Salad and Salmon & Broccoli from the Salads menu are both good choices too.
  • The three Tempura dishes, although fried in a batter, are so low in carb content that they are fine to include. Our choice is the Soft-shell Crab.

For example, one order of Coriander Tuna and one of Salmon from the Sashimi menu with Edamame Beans and a Kaiso Salad would be 488 calories, with high levels of protein, almost no sugar and only the ‘good’ carbs you want on a Slow Carb Diet.

Slow Carb Diet at Yo! Sushi. No problem.

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