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Frying Refined Carbs? You Might Be Killing Yourself.

Stewart Rogers November 29, 2012 Nutrition Comments Off on Frying Refined Carbs? You Might Be Killing Yourself.
Frying Refined Carbs? You Might Be Killing Yourself.

Refined carbs are bad; every weight-loss researcher agrees on that. But now we know that there is a way to make them even more dangerous to your health. Frying.

Read any diet or nutrition plan from a respected author or researcher and they’ll all agree on one key point; highly refined carbohydrates are bad for you.

What do we mean by ‘highly refined’? These are carbs that have gone through some kind of manufacturing or repackaging process. Sugar-laden drinks, low-fibre white bread, white rice, candy, pastries and cakes all fit the bill. Many refined carb products contain dangerous chemicals that can trigger health issues.

Unlike unrefined carbs, which are rich in fibre and vitamins (brown rice, beans, couscous, vegetables, lentils etc.), these refined products give you a fast ‘sugar spike’ that crashes just as quickly, making you feel hungry quicker. Continued consumption of refined carbs can lead to the onset of diabetes in later life.

If you’re feeling bad about refined carbs already, it is about to get worse. Researchers have found a worrying consequence of frying refined carbohydrates.

Frying certain refined carbs appears to release a suspected carcinogen called acrylamide. This has been found in such products as french fries, for example.

While a ‘suspected carcinogen’ is not as bad as a ‘proven carcinogen’, such as those found in cigarette smoke, we never want to miss out on an opportunity to get you out of eating nutritionally worthless sugary snack foods at UsFitties.

Frying refined carbs? You might be killing yourself. Go for the ‘whole food’ snack every time and you’ll not only have energy all day, you’ll avoid some pretty awful consequences for your health and well-being.

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