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Finally A Protein Bar That Offers It All

Ariana Dane July 8, 2013 Nutrition Comments Off on Finally A Protein Bar That Offers It All
Finally A Protein Bar That Offers It All

DNA Life Bars truly offer it all: great taste, high protein, no gluten or dairy, and low sugar.  All the things we fitness professionals and enthusiasts seek.

Innovation born from necessity.  When DNA Bars founder Brian Layne’s wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with MS in 2011 their lives were altered in numerous obvious ways including one that is not so obvious.  Nutrition appeared to be the key to her health – to keeping her health that is. The Laynes found that gluten, dairy, corn and sugar (not just refined but all sources, including natural occurrences from fruits, vegetables and alcohol) were direct contributors to MS’s assault upon the nervous system.

With a strict nutrition plan in place, Brian set out to make a snack bar for his wife so that she could still enjoy a ‘sweet treat’ as well as a pre or post-work out protein bar (as exercise is also a key component to managing all illnesses).  Thus he created DNA Life Bars (Daytime-Nighttime-Anytime).

There are currently three flavors of bars available: Green Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Coconut Fudge and Chocolate-Chocolate-Chocolate with Roasted Quinoa.  Each bar contains whole organic ingredients like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, coconut and coco powder, has 14 grams of high-grade egg white protein and only 2-4 grams of sugar (none of which is refined or use substitute sweeteners with bitter aftertastes).

Each bar has it’s own texture. Green Apple Cinnamon is soft and spongy; Chocolate Coconut is a touch firmer due to it’s high cocoa content; and Chocolate-Quinoa is like a yummy little cake with a firm ganache.

Though the bars are gluten, dairy, soy, corn, peanut and refined sugar free, they are not Vegan (at this time) due to the choice to use powdered Egg White for protein. The founders felt that Whey protein which is derived from cow’s milk is a huge contributor to the rampant increase of lactose intolerance among fitness-minded adults (symptoms including bloating, excess gas, adult acne, etc.).

The downside of the Egg Protein choice is that the bars are perishable. They need to be refrigerated and have a general shelf-life of three weeks. However, they can be frozen and defrosted for later consumption. Perishable is good in that it demonstrates just how clean and healthy these bars are (they will survive the day in your gym back by the way), but unfortunate in that you can’t find them with all the other protein bars that are dry and have preservatives and shipments outside of the US are still prohibited.

In summary, if you live in the US and have been desperate to find an organic, high-protein, low sugar and terrific tasting workout bar (or snack food), DNA Life Bars are the answer to your quest.

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