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Fat Loss; Small Food Changes – Big Difference

Fat Loss; Small Food Changes – Big Difference

Fat loss can be easier than you think – trying these small food changes. Swap ‘this’ for ‘that’ and get ready to notice a big difference.

We’ve got a secret to tell you. Losing fat is down to 90% nutrition and 10% exercise. Don’t believe us? How does 62lbs of fat loss in 9 months, with only 20 minutes of exercise per month, grab you? That’s how one of our team did it, so why not you too?

We’ll get to explaining that entire story and nutrition plan in other articles, but for now how about making some simple swaps to kick-start the metabolism and improve your chances of banishing the bulge.


Swap your breakfast breads and cereals for eggs.

Eggs are an amazing food to start the day with. A study in the Nutrition Research journal shows that eggs help you feel fuller for longer, leading to fewer cravings than people who started their day with bagels and other breads.

Also, ingesting 30 grams of protein within 30-60 minutes of waking gets the metabolic motors running. We like ours scrambled with spinach on the side.


Swap crisps for popcorn.

We’re not talking about the pre-packed, sugar loaded cinema-fodder here. Fresh popcorn (without added salt or sugar) is a great source of fibre. One serving provides 70% of your RDA of wholegrain, and popcorn is a great source of antioxidants too.


Swap potatoes for sweet potatoes

Potato products raise your blood sugar levels quickly, leading to a crash later in the day that will probably lead you to another sugary snack. Keeping your blood sugar levels constant is one way to resist fat production, and sweet potatoes (like other low glycaemic-index foods) will help with that goal.


Swap sauces for extra virgin olive oil and spices

Most sauces fall into either having high glycaemic-index carbs or lots of saturated fat (or worse, processed trans-fatty acids). To make your food more interesting, focus on keeping it simple. Use extra virgin olive oil (you can add a little balsamic vinegar too) to make sure you’re ingesting the good fats, and add spice. Chillies, for example, are a better source of Vitamin C than oranges, and the thermogenic reaction they create in the body aids fat loss, according to the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

What small food changes can you make to aid fat loss? Tell us in the comments…

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Stewart Rogers is the philanthropic founder of UsFitties. Living proof that the Slow Carb Diet works fantastically well and passionate about fitness and healthy living. Enjoys challenging himself every now and then...

  • It is amazing how simple switches make such a difference

    • You bet Michele – none of this has to be difficult. If it is too hard to do, people tend not to do it!

  • I can vouch for each and every tip on this list. As someone who’s been on Weight Watchers for many years and now again recently to get back into healthy habits, I’ve totally used eggs in the morning to get a protein-rich breakfast.

    Eggs plus green chilis and low-fat feta cheese makes for a really filling breakfast.

    Most folks opt for breakfasts mostly of carbs, right? And carbs aren’t evil, just packed with sugar, which translates easily into fat if you’re not doing something active in the morning.
    If you’re going to go carb-heavy, take a walk of at least 30 minutes after you eat to get your metabolism up. Swap juices for tea and real fruit.
    Instead of coffee + creamer + sugar, get the pre-made creamer stuff (the pourable kind in jugs) that already has sugar measured out.

    My other suggestion – bacon is huge these days – opt for turkey bacon instead. True, because of the lower fat content, it’s a lot harder to crisp (I’ve invested more time trying to make turkey bacon crisp than I’d like to admit). The taste is slightly different, but definitely not enough to notice once you’ve had it for a week. It also makes great salad topping, sandwich-additions, and soup mix-ins. You can generally have 3 slices of turkey bacon for the same amount of calories you’d have in a piece of bread.
    Popchips instead of potato chips and sweet potato fries for normal fries can also be good swaps – just snack smartly. Sweet potato fries are still usually FRIED and therefore not very nutritious. Opt to make your own for a healthier snack!

    Great advice 😀

    • Thanks Nick. And you’re right – turkey bacon is great. I prefer buying really good quality regular bacon myself, but turkey bacon is a superb substitute.

  • I’ve been making a big effort to eat a good breakfast on a consistent basis lately. I used to never eat breakfast and I never classified myself as a morning person…I think that had something to do with it. I’ve also been watching what I eat at other points in the day. Not so much for weight control, but more so for energy control. I’ve noticed an improvement lately. I’ll definitely work some of these tips in!

    • Think of it this way. By the time you wake up, you’ve already burned over 500 calories – what are you going to do to refuel so that you have the energy to face the next 600 calories before lunch? A well-planned breakfast takes 5 minutes to produce…

  • Easy enough huh? I love the popcorn switch and I’m glad to see eggs on the list as I eat them quite frequently! Great tips, and ones that anyone could adopt.

  • Wow.. very interesting…. I am trying to get back to breakfast and I do usually eat eggs. Question, can I have bacon with this? How would I find out what else is good besides what you mentioned above for any of the day’s food choices…In regards to popcorn, I love popcorn and I still have my air popcorn maker from college. Question, is butter okay with this? Overall, thanks for the tips..

    • Nothing wrong with (good) bacon Jeff. I often have four or five eggs with bacon and spinach. And butter is fine with popcorn as long as you don’t have too much – think teaspoon, not tablespoon!