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Fast Fat Loss Solutions – Tempting, Aren’t They?

Fiona Mocatta November 21, 2012 Nutrition Comments Off on Fast Fat Loss Solutions – Tempting, Aren’t They?
Fast Fat Loss Solutions – Tempting, Aren’t They?

Fast fat loss is something we all aim for, right? So there you are, sitting at your computer and idly wondering if you should reach for a packet of crisps, when up pops an interesting email.  Apparently, if you eat a small number of harmless sounding pills you will be able to get rid of some of your excess weight.  Even better: all without eating well or exercising. 

It would be  easier, quicker and maybe even cheaper than doing any of that pesky sweaty business.  Plus you could wave goodbye to spending time shopping for and cooking healthy ingredients.  It’s certainly tempting, isn’t it?

A quick internet search for slimming, weight loss or appetite suppressants conjures up hundreds of products aimed at this get thin quick mentality.  Patches, supplements, drops and shakes will allegedly burn your fat, detox your body and “cleanse” you; whatever that means.

Interestingly, all the ingredients flagged in these so called miracle cures sound ever so harmless and delicious.  Green coffee bean, raspberry, mango and lemon maple could probably do you the world of good.   The colours in the adverts and emails are so soothing and lovely; calming blues and pinks; non threatening swirls and the most manipulative and misleading copywriting beautifully designed to fit just in. And look at the images accompanying the texts – shiny haired, flat-tummied goddesses, positively radiating health and vitality.  That could be you!

But wait.  If it seems to good to be true then it probably is.  So here are some things to bear in mind before you click ‘buy’:

  • Is the product claiming to do something that your body does for itself  (detox, cleanse)?
  • Is it hyped as the ‘latest’ , ‘miracle’ way to lose weight?
  • Does it seem a healthy or sensible way to lose weight?  (Drinking lemon juice for a week can’t be good for you really can it?)

If you’re still not sure, research it on the internet with trusted sites such as Which, the British Dietitian Association or WebMD. You might also enjoy our two-part article on ‘fact versus fad’ in the fitness industry. Plus you can always talk to your pharmacist or doctor; far better people to offer sound advice on how to lose weight healthily with no side effects, and keep it off too.

Fast fat loss solutions, delivered by email, spam tweets and status updates?  No thanks.  A balanced diet and regular exercise are all you need.

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