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5 Steps to a Fat-Burning Metabolism by Lunchtime

5 Steps to a Fat-Burning Metabolism by Lunchtime

Want to get your fat-burning furnaces firing by lunchtime? Follow this 5-step plan and you’ll be melting the stubborn yellow stuff away in no time…

Step One

We’ve already talked about swapping sugary cereals for eggs first thing in the morning, but how can you add that extra ‘zing’ to help your body break down fat?

Either add a little cayenne pepper on your eggs, or pop a capsaicin supplement with your protein-rich breakfast. This will increase your levels of epinephrine which will get things started nicely.

Step Two

Before you commute to work, do a little HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). You need to do a lot less than you think as well. 20 seconds of maximum effort work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated as little as two times, is enough to spike your metabolism. Need some HIIT inspiration? We’ve got you covered

Cycle or walk to work? Do some intervals on the way – 30 seconds of hard cycling or walking followed by 30 seconds of regular work repeated twice will give the same boost.

Step Three

Have a coffee. Go for a double espresso and you won’t have to wait for ages for it to cool down. This is your chance to look all European and classy – grab the espresso, wait one minute and gulp it down. If possible, add a tiny dusting of cinnamon on top for extra fat-burning effect.

Step Four

Have a snack at 10:30 or 11:00. A small amount of berries will increase the production of a hormone called adiponectin, which is an amazing fat burner. A handful will do the trick.

Step Five

Drink tea, but not any old kind of tea. You’re looking for white tea, green tea or oolong. These contain much higher levels of catechin antioxidants than regular black tea, and guess what – catechins have a positive effect on your metabolism. Of course, we’ve covered these amazing teas before…

By now you should be burning fat like a walking, talking furness. And all by lunchtime too… just in time to have a good portion of protein, a bunch of green vegetables and some lentils to keep that fire burning bright!

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About The Author

Stewart Rogers is the philanthropic founder of UsFitties. Living proof that the Slow Carb Diet works fantastically well and passionate about fitness and healthy living. Enjoys challenging himself every now and then...

  • Great tips! I especially like the espresso tip! Thanks Stewart!

    • Thanks Angela. And you’re right – who doesn’t like espresso?! 🙂

  • Wow, I didn’t know that just a few cycles of HIIT was enough to get your body going. Awesome. I will definitely try to work that in to my routine.

    • Indeed. I tend to aim for 8 cycles using the Tabata Protocol, so totalling 4 minutes of work, but as little as 2 (if you really max out the ‘work’ phase) will get things started.