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4 Unusual Additives For Your Morning Coffee

4 Unusual Additives For Your Morning Coffee

The morning coffee. For some people, it’s the most important way to start the day. For others, coffee is just part of their overall nutritional regime. Here are a few of the more unusual additives and the reasons you might add them.

Coffee is a bit of an obsession for many, and has been the way a vast number of people have started their day for hundreds of years. Making the perfect flat white, espresso, latte or ristretto has become an art form for some, but for a growing number of caffeine lovers it is seen in a similar light to sports supplements.

We’ve already discussed using a double espresso to help turn increase your metabolism or as a precursor to a training session. If that’s how you take your coffee, you might want to try some of these unusual additives to boost the bean.

Concentrated Coconut Oil (MCT)

The Journal of Obesity Research has shown in recent studies that adding concentrated coconut oil, such as this MCT Oil, boosts energy and burn calories through fast-digesting fats.


The current additive-du-jour for those on paleo diets, there is really nothing new in adding butter to your coffee. In Tibet, it is quite common to get a coffee that includes butter, salt, pepper and even a little tea. A high-quality grass-fed butter will include healthy CLA and omega-3 fats, but it is an acquired taste for some.

Egg Whites

Again, nothing new with this particular recipe; you’ll find ‘egg coffee’ on the menu in Scandinavia and the American Midwest. Some even add a whole egg, including the yolk, to their morning brew. The idea is similar to butter – adding essential fats to your breakfast drink. Our favourite way to include egg whites is via Two Chicks and their handy free-range cartons.


Many coffee purists will tell you Arabica beans make the best coffee. The truth is that Robusta is superior in terms of antioxidants, but the taste is bitter in comparison. Adding crushed bone or eggshell to the beans before grinding the coffee allegedly improves the taste, removes the bitterness and adds a little calcium. There is an unconfirmed story from Norway that they add reindeer bone in the same way.

So, while others are replacing sugar with cinnamon or throwing in some chicory, why not give some of these more unusual additives a go and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Eloise

    Yumm – I’ve tried all of these things, except the eggshell! Egg yolks are nice too, add a bit of nutmeg as well and it’s like a Egnogg latte 🙂

    • Nice – I’ll have to try that sometime. Thanks Eloise…