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The Chronicles of a Wannabe Fitness Model: What Bed Rest Taught Me

Sabrina Taylor July 10, 2013 Lifestyle Comments Off on The Chronicles of a Wannabe Fitness Model: What Bed Rest Taught Me
The Chronicles of a Wannabe Fitness Model: What Bed Rest Taught Me

Not too long ago I underwent surgery. I’m bummed that it prevented me from competing in my first fitness competition, but I learned a lot about my body.

Having never really sustained any serious injury I have never had to rely on other body parts to make up for the ones that weren’t in full working order. This experience made me incredibly thankful for a few muscles and here’s why!

My Abs

My abdominal muscles were probably the biggest Godsend during my rehabilitation. I was on strict bed rest for 7 days so I wouldn’t stress my body. The only time I was to get out of bed was to use the washroom and bath my incisions. The simple act of getting out of bed was how I imagine an ant feels when he decides to hike up a hill in San Francisco; daunting.

If I did not have strong abdominal muscles, I would not have been able to lift my upper body enough to shimmy out of bed. I guess the point I’m trying to make here is, be good to your core and it will be good to you!

My Legs

My arms were out of order for at least a week and half. Opening the fridge was next to impossible and again, getting out of bed was a challenge. I began using my legs and feet to help make up for the fact that I had the mobility of a T-Rex.

I would maneuver my legs around the couch arm to pull myself up, use my feet to kick back the refrigerator door or move my dining room chair. If I drop something on the floor, my impeccable balance and leg strength would keep me upright as I used one foot to pick up the object. It was pretty impressive to witness. I much prefer picking up dropped grapes with my hands though!

My Mind

Your mind is a muscle whether you acknowledge that or not. Like self constraint and discipline, the harder you work your mind, the stronger your resolve becomes.

Healing from my surgery made me aware of how strong this particular muscle was. Avoiding the urge to veg out and be negative made my recovery an enlightening experience.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Good news all! The doctor officially cleared me to go back to the gym. He’s given me a stern warning to take it easy, and with a few workouts under my belt I am understanding why.

I can feel that my muscles are strong despite nearly 2 months of recovery, but pushing them too hard will do more harm than good. Wading into the pools of weights gently has definitely been the hardest transition for me. I’m looking forward to getting back in training mode though, so stay tuned for more!

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