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The Chronicles of a Wannabe Fitness Model: Dealing with Road Blocks

Sabrina Taylor May 16, 2013 Lifestyle Comments Off on The Chronicles of a Wannabe Fitness Model: Dealing with Road Blocks
The Chronicles of a Wannabe Fitness Model: Dealing with Road Blocks

Have you ever worked your butt off (literally) for something, then find yourself slamming on the breaks? Sadly, this moment is upon me.

After months of hard work, I now find myself in a situation where the doctor is ordering me to bed rest. All my sweat, pain and growth are being interrupted thanks to a minor medical situation. The worst part is, the competition is only 9 days away. Who am I to argue though? Doctor knows best.

I like to think of myself as a pretty optimistic person, but in times like these it’s hard to stay positive. Like any other new age, WWW-loving 20-something, I turned to the web for a little inspiration.

Surely you have logged onto Facebook and had your news feeds dripping with inspirational meme’s and motivational quotes. I usually scroll through briefly, but rarely acknowledge the power behind these words. After all, I don’t need uplifting most mornings, so why pay attention? In need of their wisdom now, I’m reading between the lines and this is what I’ve learned.

1. It’s not the end of my journey.

No, no it is not. I have worked too darn hard to give it all up and throw in the towel. Yes, I’m on bed rest, but I will come back and maybe I’ll be stronger than before.

Injuries and illnesses don’t mean you give up, they just mean you give in for a little and concede to the doctor’s orders.

2. Bed rest doesn’t mean veg-fest.

There is no doubt in my mind that sticking to a healthier diet is going to become a little tougher now that I’m not as able-bodied. Bless my parents for taking care of me, but they don’t exactly eat the same way as I do. I’m more of a green, clean eater and they prefer their meats and starches. Not to mention treats. Who doesn’t want a nice ice cream sundae after having a ventilation tube down their throat? Ok, one treat won’t destroy my healthy habits, but after that I’m snacking on fresh fruit and yogurt.

3. Surround yourself with supportive people.

Having a good support system during training and in the event of injury is a must. Sometimes it’s hard to find the willpower to hit the gym everyday or push yourself to the limit and these are the people that take you to the next level. It’s the same in my current situation. I have great friends and family members who are willing to stand by me while I heal and then kick my tushy right back to the gym when I’m given the green light. I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

So folks, don’t wallow in frustration and discouragement when something doesn’t go exactly how you planned. There’s always a silver lining (though I’ve yet to find mine), but more importantly, it’s not the end, rather a new beginning.

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