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A Few Moments With: Sol Gilbert [Interview]

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A Few Moments With: Sol Gilbert [Interview]

Sol Gilbert is a former MMA fighter that now runs his own fitness business. We caught up with Sol to find out more about his mixed martial arts days and how they have shaped his training regimes.

Sol has spent time at both amateur and professional level fighting in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), wrestling, K1 kick-boxing and boxing. Drawing on what he was taught during those years, and what he determined through his own experiences, he has now applied them to a range of fitness solutions.

We spent a few moment with Sol to understand more about his past and approach to fitness training.

UF: How long was you involved in MMA fighting, and what did it teach you?

SG: I started in MMA back in 2001 and retired in 2010. The sport taught me humility and how to cross-train my body through various movement patterns. It gave me structure too, as competing at a weight some 6 kg below your ‘walking around’ weight can be hard work if you do not prepare properly.

UF: Do you miss MMA, or are you happy to have moved on?

SG: I do miss competing but I am very happy with how my life has progressed after MMA. I have successfully developed four strong brands including ZT Fight Skool, ZT Fitness, ZT Kid Fit Skool and SGUT (Sol Gilbert Ultimate Training).

UF: Tell us more about your fitness philosophy and SGUT?

SG: My approach to fitness is very direct and I like to keep things simple. I work with my clients to make their training programs periodical, which gives them a weekly challenge to conquer. They respond to this very well and then I throw the odd SGUT curve-ball at them, like some funky HIIT circuit, just to change it up and test their gas tanks.

UF: How has your MMA experience affected the SGUT program?

SG: It has worked very well. Structure plays a massive part of developing a good base in MMA so this translates well into everyday life; all my programs are designed to combat anything at any given time.

UF: You’re a supporter of Kidscape and SPIKED Action Sports, who are aiming to stamp out bullying across UK schools. Tell us more about why that is important to you…

SG: This is a real passion of mine as I feel children who suffer with being bullied could be affected with long term issues. If I can help in any way to build these kids up and help them become stronger individuals then I will happily help.

UF: We’ve noticed you use the MyZone system a lot with your training sessions. What does it do and how useful is it?

SG: This and the Tanita scales are an integral part of our system here at ZTHQ. All my SGUT clients know exactly what they are doing at any time in the session as it shows them real-time how many calories they are burning and what intensity they are putting in. As a trainer I can see if they really are working at their full potential. The Tanita Body composition system we have onsite shows them where they are holding their bodyfat and what areas of their body contain the most muscle so we can design the SGUT plan around the data.

UF: What’s next for you and SGUT? Any challenges left to conquer?

SG: I have a SGUT 30-day Bootcamp app coming out this month which will help people with their diet and give them structure in their approach to training. Then I am looking to become a virtual trainer for Myzone so my HIIT class ‘Fit-X’ can be played anywhere around the world where there is a Myzone system.

Sounds like Sol is going to be busy, both physically and virtually! UsFitties would like to thank Sol for sparing some of his time to answer our questions. Look out for more fitness interviews soon…

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