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NeuFit – the New Way to Help You Get Fit this Winter

Fiona Mocatta October 5, 2012 Lifestyle Comments Off on NeuFit – the New Way to Help You Get Fit this Winter
NeuFit – the New Way to Help You Get Fit this Winter

On a grey October day it can be hard to drag yourself to the gym, or go for that rainy run after work.   When bribing yourself to exercise does not work, and scaring yourself about being unfit just makes you more demotivated, might brand new online fitness tool NeuFit be the answer?

Brand new NeuFit uses a variety of hi-tech wireless devices to collect and upload data from almost any physical activity you do.  This information is then posted on your profile on the  NeuFit website so you can track your progress, inform and compete with friends, and motivate yourself to achieve even more.

For added motivation, NeuFit provides you with ongoing physical challenges that fit in to your day to day life – and rewards you with points.  For example, you may get 300 points for parking far away from the supermarket entrance.  Tapping in to the human need for competition, NeuFit also encourages you to win more points than your friends and family.  Further challenges come from ‘Quests’ such as ‘burn 300 calories at lunchtime’. You are then rewarded for completing your Quest.  These rewards may even be monetary, so you can earn pounds while you lose pounds.

When you’ve completed your Quest, NeuFit enables you to share your achievements with friends and family so they can help encourage you in your journey to fitness.  Using peer pressure in a positive way will hopefully lead you to being more active, earning additional NeuFit rewards and – the  best gift of all – feeling fitter and healthier.

If NeuFit sounds like it might prise you off the sofa this winter,  you can sign up for their beta testing model today.

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