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My Journey from Flab to Fit: Quarterlife Crisis

My Journey from Flab to Fit: Quarterlife Crisis

This year I turn 30. Yep. The big 3-0. I’m not entirely sure how this has happened, but it is happening.

In fact, it is happening in just over a month. The problem is, I’ve always had this vague idea that I wanted to be able to turn 30 and say “I may be 30, but I am in the best shape of life”. Thing is, I’m not in the best shape of my life. Nowhere near.

Since third year of university I’ve been getting steadily, increasingly out of shape. And although I have had bouts of exercising here and there, I haven’t really stuck at it for longer than a month or so. Add in the stress of law school, the caffeine and sugar fueled all-nighters, and now the long hours and stress of my ‘real job’ it’s not looking good.

Truth is, I’ve been concentrating so hard on trying to get my career off the ground that I’ve forgotten to look after myself. I’ve made all the usual excuses; I don’t have the time to work out. I can’t afford healthy food. I deserve this slice of cake because I’ve got so much work to do!

A couple of weeks ago though I realised enough is enough! Maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis but one day I suddenly decided I wanted to become the fit healthy person I’ve always planned to be. I had two weeks booked off work so instead of going on a holiday, I decided I would use the time to kick start my new lifestyle.

I looked into residential boot camps but in the end I decided I could do a DIY version instead at home. I booked 6 sessions with a personal trainer, chucked out all the junk food in my cupboards and, of course, bought myself some lovely new gym clothes to make working out more appealing!

That was in April, so I’m only a few weeks in but so far it is going well. In the 2 weeks that I was off work I managed to lose 4kg and drop 4% body fat, which isn’t bad for such a short time. For the most part, I’ve managed to stick to the insulin controlling eating plan that my PT gave me, even though I have gotten a few funny looks at work when I get out my pack lunch while everyone else is buying theirs! As well as seeing my PT once a week still, I’ve also been going to the gym before work, even though this means getting up at a disgustingly early time! I’ve realised that there will never be time to workout, you have to make time.

I’ve been on health kicks before. I’ve lost the weight, then put it back on again. But it feels different this time, I don’t just want to get skinny, I want to be healthy. Heck, I want muscles! I’m pretty determined to make this happen. Ok, so its unlikely that I’m going to have a six pack by the time I reach my birthday, but hopefully I’ll be on my way there!

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  • Hi good luck with your journey. I can relate to a lot of what your saying as I’m exactly the same as far as doing what I should be doing. Sounds like your getting the right advice from your PT. So keep up the good work and build your muscle.