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First Time Ironman – the UsFitties Reading List

Stewart Rogers November 1, 2012 Lifestyle Comments Off on First Time Ironman – the UsFitties Reading List
First Time Ironman – the UsFitties Reading List

First Time Ironman by Rhys Chong is a book designed to inspire you to think beyond your limits and achieve the impossible.

In First Time Ironman, Rhys Chong takes us through his personal journey, preparing, training and racing in his first Ironman triathlon.

An Ironman triathlon is categorised as a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile cycle and a full marathon run (26.2 miles, of course), all raced in that order and without a break. Ironman races are usually run with strict time limits too. For example, if the race starts at 07:00 the swim cut off time is 09:20, the bike cut off time is 17:30 and all finishers must complete their marathon by midnight.

Think about that for a moment. Could you complete an Ironman triathlon with no prior training or experience? That’s exactly what was going through Rhys’ mind – a physiotherapist by trade – when he embarked on his journey.

After completing his challenge – in 12 hours 55 seconds – Rhys started putting pen to paper to explain how he did it and to inspire people to leave behind their limiting thoughts. First Time Ironman is a good read from start to finish, and not just for those thinking about taking on an Ironman. The underlying message is that by facing your fears and preparing well for the unknown, you could be at the start of an incredible life-changing journey.

While First Time Ironman isn’t a blueprint for how to enter and finish your first Ironman triathlon, Rhys certainly does a good job of explaining how the expert guidance and support he employed made all the difference, and the book is certainly inspiring and well written. It isn’t just a good read for potential Ironman candidates, but anyone facing a serious challenge or those of you wanting to challenge the daily grind with a life-affirming experience.

Buy First Time Triathlon by Rhys Chong (UK link / US link)

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