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Sportiiiis Turns Any Pair of Glasses Into a Training Device

Sportiiiis Turns Any Pair of Glasses Into a Training Device

Sportiiiis is an attachable heads-up display that attaches to almost any pair of glasses, helping you stay in your training zone with minimum distraction.

The Sportiiiis system, while sporting an almost unimaginable number of i’s in the name, is quite impressive. But what can this little add-on device do for you and your chosen eye-wear?

Made by 4iiii Innovations (probably pronounced ‘four eyes’) the Sportiiiis (probably pronounced sport-eyes) is a small boom device that attaches to almost any pair of glasses.

The device has three main elements. An tiny speaker at the back of the boom – closest to where your ear will be – offers audio prompts from the software which is available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

In the centre of the device is a touchpad that allows you to select, via a choice of single or double-taps, what information is being relayed to the business-end of the device at the front or what section of your training you’re about to start.

And the aforementioned ‘business end’ is where you’ll find an array of multi-coloured LEDs. These give you visual feedback on whether you are working too hard, not enough or if you’re in ‘the zone’, and offer details of heart rate, cadence, power, speed, pace and other data being sent to the boom via ANT+ compatible devices.

The software allows you to completely customise the ‘zone profiles’, so you can decide on your training plan, program it into the Sportiiiis device, and then set off.

Because it is compatible with any ANT+ device, it will connect to heart rate monitors, cycle computer systems and compatible running units.

Check out the video for a run-down of what the Sportiiiis could do for you and your favourite pair of glasses. Currently available in the US and Canada only from $149.99, we’ll let you know if 4iiii Innovations launch elsewhere…

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  • Sheila Hibbard

    These glasses look pretty cool.  Thanks for the heads up.  Might take one some time to get used to them, but interesting.