Monday 10th December 2018,

Mio Cyclo 305 HC Bicycle Computer Has A Surprise For You

Mio Cyclo 305 HC Bicycle Computer Has A Surprise For You

The Mio Cyclo 305 HC is a bicycle computer that offers a little more than your regular GPS. What’s the surprise. we hear you ask?

People are creatures of habit, but doing the same thing again and again does begin to get dull. The same is true of your cycle route. If you only ever go on the same track with every session, it becomes harder to motivate yourself.

As well as a clear LCD touchscreen that offers a host of screens and options, the Mio Cyclo 305 HC has a Surprise Me option. All you do is tell it how far you want to cycle, and it creates a brand new route for you.


The Mio comes with pre-installed maps that cover the whole of Western Europe and there are options for wireless heart-rate monitors and wheel/cadence sensors.

If you like to jump on your bicycle as your exercise of choice, the Mio Cyclo 305 HC might just be the answer to keeping things fresh with every session. After all, who doesn’t like surprises?

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  • JeffBelonger

    Pretty cool…. and I agree, I lose focus on keeping up with running or walking when going the same route over and over. And I need to mix it up. My question, how far in advance does this device tell you when mapping out your route. 🙂

    • Hi Jeff – when you want a ‘mystery route’, you press the Surprise button and the unit offers you three choices of routes so you can pick your favourite. It then works like any GPS/Satnav system.