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FitTap Logs Fitbit Routines with an NFC Tag

Stewart Rogers October 11, 2012 Gear Comments Off on FitTap Logs Fitbit Routines with an NFC Tag
FitTap Logs Fitbit Routines with an NFC Tag

FitTap is a new app and NFC tag solution that allows you to log recurring activities into your Fitbit account by just tapping your phone against a special round disc.

NFC, or Near-Field Communications, is a technology that has found its way into many current Android smartphones. The idea is simple – place your phone near an NFC device and something happens. In the case of Google Wallet, it might be that you use your phone to pay for products by waving it over a payment machine.

With FitTap, you wave your NFC-enabled smartphone over one of the special FitTap tags and something magical happens – your Fitbit account is updated with the explicit instructions you programmed on to that tag the first time you used it. Want to change the activity that is associated with a tag? No problem – you can reprogram them any time.

Imagine, for example, swiping over a tag when you leave the house to log your daily run. Or hovering over one of FitTap’s tags to register when you’re about to being your HIIT circuit. Or how about sticking a tag on your water bottle and then just scanning it every time you refill – it sure takes the guesswork out of logging your daily intake.

FitTag offers logging of your activities, food, sleep, water and weight changes with just a swipe of your phone.

The best part of all is the price of entry. You need to have an NFC-enabled Android smartphone to use the system, such as a Samsung Galaxy SIII, and then you need the FitTap app and some NFC tags. The app is free, and the tags come in bundles that price them as low as $1.49 each – and that includes worldwide shipping!

We haven’t had a chance to try FitTag out for ourselves yet, but we’re impressed with both the app and the promise the associated tags deliver.

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