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Fitness in your living room with Samsung Smart TV

Fiona Mocatta May 7, 2012 Gear Comments Off on Fitness in your living room with Samsung Smart TV
Fitness in your living room with Samsung Smart TV

Samsung have recently announced some fitness apps as part of their new Smart TV range.

Exercising along with the apps,  users can track and monitor their weight loss by connecting WiFi scales to their TV. With selected apps, the built-in camera on the TV will create a virtual mirror so enthusiastic exercisers can check their poses against the instructor to make sure they are working out correctly.  Calorie counters among us can connect their Samsung smartphone to their Smart TV using a mobile fitness app so can track calories when out and about.

So, will these apps encourage people to workout in their own homes, or will they remain unwatched and unused?

In their favour, these Smart TV apps are easy to use.  They firstly encourage you to test your current levels of fitness.  They then formulate a training programme for you so you can work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Once you have finished working out, you can tweet your accomplishments to other Samsung Smart TV fitness users.  The apps include:

  • Yoga Helper – you can choose your proficiency level and customise the number of poses you want to do in a session, and the length of time you want to stay in a pose
  • Six-Pack Pro – all about getting slender and toned abdominal muscles, with varied programmes based on age and gender
  • Exercise TV – a digital network that provides free workout videos, fitness plans, and healthy lifestyle tips.

Sounds good doesn’t it? With the integrated mobile and TV apps , it seems like it would be pretty easy to start a fitness programme, and spur yourself on with the support of fellow tweeters once that has reached a critical mass.

But however well used the apps become in some homes, we think that gyms and PTs have no need to fear just yet.  Paying for something seems to have a motivational effect and, even in these technological times, fitness TV is no substitute for real friendship and encouragement.

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