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Fitbit; new features and new devices – the Fitbit One and Zip

Fitbit; new features and new devices – the Fitbit One and Zip

Fitbit have added new features to and launched two new devices; the Fitbit One and Zip. So what’s new?

Fitbit have carved out a good place in the ‘fitness tracker’ marketplace. Producing devices and a supporting website that help you to determine your activity levels, food intake and even quality of sleep, the company have recently made some changes to their product line-up. has gone through a slight design overhaul, with a fresher look that includes a little more white-space than usual. But the big change is that you can now interact with your friends in new ways.

Hovering over a friend’s name in your friend list now brings up three new icons; message, taunt and cheer. They do exactly what you’d expect them to as well; one sends your friend a message, the other sends them a taunt and the third sends them a cheer. Nothing too world-breaking about this, but a fun addition nonetheless.

More importantly, Fitbit have announced two new devices.

Fitbit One

Looking like a long-term replacement for the Fitbit Ultra, the One does away with the ‘clip-over’ design of the previous tracker and is a single-piece unit instead. So how does it clip on, you ask? The One now comes with a silicone and metal sleeve that allows you to clip it on in exactly the same way as the Ultra.

This presumably makes the Fitbit One more robust than the Fitbit Ultra, as the ‘bridge’ was the weakest part of the device. It should also add some additional protection from the elements, although the One is still not fully waterproof.

This means that there is no sync base either. Instead, this has been replaced by a tiny USB dongle, no bigger than those found with some wireless PC mice. How do you charge the battery then? That, unfortunately, requires a separate cable, which is the only downside we can see with the new design. It is something else to lose, an issue you never had with the Ultra base-station.

One more trick? Sure. The Fitbit One will now sync wirelessly with your mobile device, so you don’t need to be around your PC or Mac in order to get your data, perfect for those of us that are out on the road a lot. This will help to reduce the amount of mental arithmetic needed when tracking calories.

Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit Zip is an entry-level device that also assumes the one-piece design of the One, although in a chunkier form. With lots of different colour options, the Zip os clearly aimed at a younger group of consumers.

It has all the features of the One except for the sleep tracking, stair count (i.e. no altimeter), and doesn’t include a rechargeable battery – it uses watch batteries instead. Like the charging cable for the One, we have a slight concern that the included ‘Battery Door Tool’ will get lost, but at least you won’t need to make sure you have a screwdriver to hand each time the battery needs replacing. The battery will apparently last up to six months before it needs replacing, which is impressive.

The Fitbit Zip also connects to mobile devices directly, making it the cheapest and most fully-featured personal tracker on the market.

A word about the mobile syncing though; currently both the One and Zip support some iOS devices, such as the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5th Gen iPod Touch and 3rd Gen iPad. Selected Android devices will be supported soon. It seems that your device will require Bluetooth v4 or Bluetooth Smart, so while we’re happy to speculate the Samsung Galaxy SIII will be fine, the SII might not be supported (although that is yet to be confirmed by Fitbit).

Both devices are available to pre-order and should arrive on 15th October. The Fitbit One is priced at £79.99/$99.95 – the same price as the Ultra – and the Fitbit Zip comes in at £49.99/$59.95. The new features are live now.

Pre-order the Fitbit One (UK link / US link)

Pre-order the Fitbit Zip (UK link / US link)

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  • Thanks for the preview of the new devices. I’ve heard, but not used, Fitbit. I might have to try it now.

  • I like the idea of having a friend cheer me on when I work out or vice-versa! I will look into this device!

  • Britt

    How do I taunt someone on Fitbit messaging??? My brother needs some serious taunting! lol