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The Best Android Fitness Apps List

Stewart Rogers November 2, 2012 Gear Comments Off on The Best Android Fitness Apps List
The Best Android Fitness Apps List

Android fitness apps; which are the best and how can you find them easily? As usual, UsFitties comes to the rescue with a list of the best exercise, nutrition and fitness lifestyle apps available on Android.

But this isn’t just our list of fitness apps for Android. Oh no. We want you to fill in the gaps, and vote up the apps you like the best. So what are we looking for, and how can you get involved?

We want to build a list on this page of the best Android fitness apps available, so we’re looking for full-featured commercial apps (either free or paid); if you want a list of 20 identical ‘Couch 2 5K’ programme apps written by one guy in his bedroom, this isn’t the list for you! We’ll be moderating additions to the list to ensure that those kinds of apps don’t get through.

Simply connect to the list using Twitter or Facebook and get adding. Go to the Google Play Store and find the app you like/use, grab the URL and add the app to the list using that URL. Edit the title and description to keep them nice and tidy. It takes just a few seconds.

Don’t want to add new apps? That’s OK – just thumb up or down the apps you use and like. The apps with the most ‘pluses’ will get moved to the top.

Have an iOS device, like an iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry – we’ll have a list for you soon too…


Best Android Fitness Apps

Fitness apps for Android smartphones. High quality apps from commercial businesses only please. Please add links using the URL from Google Play.


Nov 02, 2012 – – 252
RunKeeper - GPS Track Run Walk

Track, measure, and improve your fitness. Join the more than 12 million people who are using RunKeeper to turn their phone into a personal trainer in their pocket!

Aug 27, 2013 by Mithil Jadhav – – 240

iCountTimer combines the power of timer and a counter and wraps it with an elegantly designed user interface making it a sleek, simple and effective workout app.

Nov 02, 2012 – – 304
Fitbit Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Android App allows you to track food, activity, weight, water, sleep, manually or using the Fitbit range of personal data trackers.

Nov 02, 2012 – – 255
adidas miCoach

Put your coach in the palm of your hand. Put your coach in the palm of your hand. GPS and real time audible coaching keep you going past your personal best.

Nov 02, 2012 – – 250
Nike+ Running

The most popular running app is now available on Android, for free! Map your runs, track your progress and get the motivation you need to reach your goals.

Nov 02, 2012 – – 283
Impetus Interval Timer

Simply powerful. Impetus is an advanced interval timer for any training regimen with intervals or other repetition; HIIT, Tabata, Fight Gone Bad, C25K, Crossfit etc.

Nov 02, 2012 – – 261
Workout Trainer

Download Workout Trainer and get fit with FREE workouts led by expert coaches! Get in the best shape of your life with thousands of free workouts…

Nov 08, 2012 – – 231

Providing randomized circuit training workouts to keep you motivated and fit. Sworkit provides randomized circuit training workouts to keep you motivated to exercise.



Jan 28, 2013 – – 267

Your personal wellness guide for body and soul Meet Fig. It’s the personal and enjoyable way to pursue your wellness aspirations.

Mar 01, 2013 – – 277
Runtastic Timer

Practical, simple, and comprehensive timer app with voice feedback Perfect timing for every situation in your daily life!

Nov 02, 2012 – – 255

Your personal tracking app for running, biking and other sports activities! Take your fitness to a new level with runtastic!

Nov 02, 2012 – – 292
MapMyRun GPS Running

MapMyRun+ tracks the route, distance, pace, and more in real-time using GPS. MapMyRun brings you its mobile app for Android-based devices!

Nov 02, 2012 – – 283
Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure You tie your shoes, put on your headphones, take your first steps outside.



Nov 02, 2012 – – 286

FitTap makes integrating your Fitbit® into the flow of your daily life easy! Requires FitTap NFC ‘chips’ and an NFC-enabled phone.

Nov 02, 2012 – – 221
JEFIT - Workout,Fitness,GymLog

Professional Weight Training/Bodybuilding App designed by serious bodybuilders.

Nov 02, 2012 – – 304
Sports Tracker

Turn your mobile into a social sports computer with Sports Tracker.

Nov 02, 2012 – – 283
Endomondo Sports Tracker

Make fitness fun with this personal trainer and social fitness partner. Endomondo is the highest rated app of its kind on Android and ideal for running, cycling, walking etc.

Nov 02, 2012 – – 289
DjRun: Running with Music

Music and running naturally united. DjRun plays your own music, picking songs that match your running or walking tempo. It’s as simple as hitting play!



Nov 02, 2012 – – 219

Create your own or pick from 2200+ exercises, videos, 800 workouts, 80 plans Free Workouts, Track Your Progress, Compare & Share with a Worldwide Community.

Whether y…

Nov 02, 2012 – – 255
runtastic PushUps PRO

runtastic PushUps PRO – Your personal trainer for the perfect body! Does breaking the physical barrier of 100 push-ups seem impossible to you?

Nov 16, 2012 – – 274
Lose It!

Succeed at weight loss with Lose It! Ready to get serious about weight loss? Lose It! can help you make your goal a reality.

Nov 16, 2012 – – 258

Diet without a diet: Scan a product, See what’s inside, Make healthier choices! Don’t Diet – Eat Healthy with Fooducate!

Dec 14, 2012 – – 231
KeepTrack Pro

Track you life’s data with KeepTrack! Watch the trends and achieve your goals. Achieve your goals and deadlines with KeepTrack!

Jan 07, 2013 – – 277
Calorie Counter

A simple tool to find all the Calorie and Nutrition Facts for the foods you eat. Calorie Counter is the essential app to simply find nutritional info for the food you eat…

Jan 07, 2013 – – 289
Noom Weight Loss Coach

The intelligent weight loss app. With over 20 million pounds (over 9M kgs) lost by our users, Noom Weight Loss Coach has everything you need to eat well, be active, and stay motivated.

The best Android fitness apps list is curated by and voted on by you, so make it the best it can be!

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