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Three Steps to Prepare for a Great Workout

Three Steps to Prepare for a Great Workout

A great workout isn’t just about setting personal bests in the gym or the outdoors; it is also about preparation. Here are three steps to ensure you prepare properly for your exercise.

  • Make sure you eat the right food at the right time

Eat a meal that combines protein, healthy fats and slow-release carbs 90 minutes before your workout.

This will help fuel your workout and help to ensure that the majority of the calories you burn come from your fat stores.

  • Avoid sugars, especially from fruit

Sugar will turn down the capability your body has for burning fat during and after the exercise, but fructose – the sugar that can be found in fruit – is particularly troublesome.

  • Get a hit of caffeine

You don’t want to have too much caffeine during the day because that will promote the production of cortisol which can increase fat in the body. But having a double-espresso 30-40 minutes before your workout will help you to lift more weight or go further in your cardio session.

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Stewart Rogers is the philanthropic founder of UsFitties. Living proof that the Slow Carb Diet works fantastically well and passionate about fitness and healthy living. Enjoys challenging himself every now and then...

  • Some excellent tips and something that I am not the best at, that I need to improve..

  • I didn’t know about the sugar from fruit. Thanks Stewart! 🙂

  • Lori Cain

    Wow – permission for the double-espresso – that’s awesome! And why should we not eat bananas in general (work out or not)?

    • There is nothing wrong with eating fruit, of course. Bananas are great (along with additional carbs) if you need to fuel up for a long running session, as an example.

      But taking on sugar and fructose directly before a workout has been proven in peer-reviewed scientific studies to dull the fat-burning results you are probably looking for from the workout.

      Remember, these tips are specific to getting ready for a gym or outdoor workout session. They aren’t a suggested diet!