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My Journey from Flab to Fit: Online Coaching

My Journey from Flab to Fit: Online Coaching

A few weeks back I had to break things off with my personal trainer; it wasn’t him, it was me. Keen not to undo all my hard work to date I decided to investigate the possibility of online coaching.

I kept having to cancel sessions at the last minute because of work commitments and the cost of all the missed sessions soon adds up! But left to my own devices I felt lost.

There is no substitute for having someone standing over you tell you, “you have to” everytime you say, “I can’t!”, but online coaching seemed like the next best thing. Plus it had the advantage of being flexible enough that I could fit it around my other commitments, and a hell of a lot cheaper too (well, sometimes!).

With that in mind, I started to explore my options. Some of the coaches were simply too expensive; I could’ve paid for 3 months face to face personal training for what they were charging for an online package! Eventually, I stumbled across Kelly Rennie. I followed her on Facebook already and had seen her post some pretty inspiring photos of her own transformation so I decided to sign up to her 28 day Remarkable Figure program.

Kelly sends you shopping lists, workout schedules and meal plans at the beginning of each week and off you go! You also get to join a private Facebook group with other people who are doing the program at the same time, so you can all swap tips and support each other. A few days before the program started, I received a shopping list and some advice on recommended supplements as well as instructions on taking before and after pictures and measurements. I cleared out my cupboards and restocked them with healthy goodies, and by the time the program began I was actually feeling really excited!

Now, the first thing I would say is that the program required me to give up coffee; THIS IS SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE! I tried, I really, really tried but coffee is an essential not a luxury as far as I am concerned. I did manage to steer clear of it completely for the first week or so, and after that I massively cut down, but 4 weeks without coffee was just too big of an ask.

Some of the other principles were a lot easier to stick to though; although I thought I already drank a lot of water, I found that upping my intake further was surprisingly easy and made me feel a lot better generally. I also love the shakes that she recommends for breakfast, and after a few months of skipping breakfast while following intermittent fasting it felt like a luxury to be having food before lunchtime.

So, did it work? In hindsight, I should have thought a lot more carefully about when I chose to embark on this program. As it was, slap bang in the middle of the 4 weeks I found out that I had been successful in getting my dream job which was obviously great news, but not so great for my dedication to the program! I celebrated with a glass of bubbly (or two!) and a big family meal so I definitely didn’t manage to stick to the plan 100%. Usually my ‘all or nothing’ mindset would kick in and I would think to myself, “well, I’ve blown it now, what’s the point?” but Kelly and the other girls on the Facebook group really helped me to move on, and keep going with the program.

The most useful bit of the program, however, was not the diet plan but the exercise side of things. I am still a newbie when it comes to the weights room and worry that I don’t really know what I am doing half the time! So I loved the fact that the program included videos demonstrating each one of the exercises and when my knees struggled with the lunges, Kelly happily suggested an alternative.

I felt so much more confident and really pushed myself in my workouts. For that alone, the program would be worth every penny in my opinion! In addition, I was asked to log my workouts, recording the weights used for each exercise, which is something I wouldn’t usually do. Although it was a bit depressing to see how light the weights were at the beginning, watching them get heavier and heavier over the 4 weeks was really good motivation.

So, now the program is over and despite not sticking to it completely, I’m still really pleased with the results; I’m stronger and have definitely added some muscle, but best of all I feel like my workouts have direction. I’ve picked up some habits that have stayed with me even after the 4 weeks, like getting up extra early for a morning weights session and drinking lots of water, and I am a lot more confident in the gym. I’m excited about continuing with the workouts and upping the weights more and more!

Have you tried online coaching? Was it useful? Share your experiences with me below.

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  • Scott

    Does having a group on Facebook help because of the social element or is it more the constant access and reminder?
    I’ve found a pt has made a massive difference to my gym work out as I can’t fob him off or distract him away from the workout.
    However, when it comes to food diaries and sticking to a diet, I am at the mercy of my own forgetful and impulsive nature

    Just wondered if you had any advice?