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How To Perform the Perfect Squat

Stewart Rogers September 25, 2012 Exercise Comments Off on How To Perform the Perfect Squat
How To Perform the Perfect Squat

The perfect squat. A fantastic exercise that works a high range of muscles in a single move, especially the thighs, hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings. So how do you perform the squat move to perfection?

There are a few key elements to creating the perfect squat. Let’s go through them in stages…

1. Get your feet set

Make sure you plant your feet shoulder width apart and dig your heels into the ground. Your entire foot, especially the soles, should be in contact with the ground at all times throughout the exercise.

2. Set the bar

Make sure you are resting the bar on your shoulders, not too high up so that it sits on your neck or too low that it is on the top of your back. Grip it tight and pull it towards your shoulders. This helps stabilise your back and ensures your abs are engaged.

3. Get your head up

Keep your head up throughout the squat, and ensure you keep an arch in your lower back during the move. Don’t round your back – keep your elbows under the bar, keep your head up and keep your chest up too. Correct posture is key to avoiding injury.

4. Squat below 90 degrees

Don’t stop the squat when your knees are at a right-angle. Keep going past the 90-degree point or you will be putting too much pressure on your knees.

5. Breathe in the right places

Take a deep breath in as you are standing. Get into the squat position and then breath out (forcibly) as you drive up.

Follow these five steps and you’ll soon be doing perfect squats.

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