Monday 10th December 2018,

Faster Fat Loss? Make Like Bolt and Sprint…

Faster Fat Loss? Make Like Bolt and Sprint…

Want faster fat loss? Take a leaf out of Usain Bolt’s sport, and get your sprint on…

In studies conducted by the Zinman College of Physical Education, sprinting has been shown to produce a number of hormonal changes in the body that both aid muscle repair and ignite the metabolism, helping to burn fat.

In the study, subjects ran four sets of 250m sprints at 80% of maximum effort, with a three-minute rest in between each sprint.

Blood samples were taken before the exercise, immediately after the sprint and one hour after the run had finished to check levels of testosterone, cortisol and other key hormones.

The results?

The levels of testosterone were elevated for an hour after the exercise had finished, which in turn suppressed levels of the fat-storing hormone cortisol. In summary, short sprints created just the right level of hormone production, and the right types of hormones, to promote faster fat loss.

So the message is simple – make like Usain Bolt and you could see faster fat loss thanks to short sprints.

[Image Credit: Nick J Webb]

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Stewart Rogers is the philanthropic founder of UsFitties. Living proof that the Slow Carb Diet works fantastically well and passionate about fitness and healthy living. Enjoys challenging himself every now and then...

  • Jbelonger

    Stewart……  this has me thinking…. I use to run when younger, even though I hated running. My knees are shot…  but I might go across the street to the school and use their grass yard to run sprints… good post and it has my mind running… Hey, can I lose weight that way?  All I know is that since I have hit 45,I need to get my metabolism cranking some… thanks for the food for thought.. ha.. well, the exercise for thought.

  • I’m 22 and my knees are terrible…maybe I should move from the computer occasionally haha.  But in all honesty, I’ve never been a huge fan of straight up running, because I’ve always had pretty bad knees.  I try to do other cardio though that isn’t so rough on the knees.

  • Jeff/Jonathan: Bad knees don’t mean you can’t run…

    Run on a softer surface: if you usually pound the sidewalk, try switching to grass, wood chips etc.

    Running method: Use Pose Method running to ensure you land on your mid-foot and with your foot under your body to remove the risk of heel striking and damage to the knees. More on this in another article.

    Shoes: Get rid of the ‘air’ shoes with all the heel padding. You want running shoes that are equally as high at the front as the back to promote good form – Asics make good ‘neutral’ shoes.

    Intervals: Don’t run for 60 minutes. Do 4x15m runs and rest in between.

    Stretch before and after: If you have bad knees, stretch all your leg muscles before the run. People with good knees can get away with a warmup and no stretches before, but if you have knee issues, stretching before the run helps tremendously.

  • I prefer inline skates, now my neighborhood not safe enough to skate in SIGH

  • Lori Cain

    I think I can do this! In fact, sprinting seems like a quicker way to get it over with – versus jogging! Thanks for tip, Stewart. At age 54, my metabolism is not what it use to be!

  • Hm, this is interesting. Can I sprint inside the house? Like a room? :p 

  • Nathalie Curabba

    Interesting!  My hubby does speed training for marathon coming up in November…I wonder if he knows this about sprinting?!