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Exercise: One Size Does Not Fit All

Ariana Dane June 24, 2013 Exercise Comments Off on Exercise: One Size Does Not Fit All
Exercise: One Size Does Not Fit All

Does your current exercise routine fit your body? Exercise is not one size fits all.

What your goals are (i.e. weight and fat loss, muscle toning or hypertrophy), what your body type and shape is and most importantly how much stress is in your life are all factors in how successful your exercise routine will be.

What works for an ectomorph (slender person) with a high percentage of fast-twitch muscles will not work for a mesomorph or endomorph (heavier build) with predominantly slow-twitch muscles.  How about your metabolism and your nutrition plan?  A vegetarian will have different results with the same exercise routine as a meat and potatoes lover.  Are you in a stressful environment with little time to exercise (30 minutes, three times a week) or are you a gym-rat (over 10 hours a week)?

Some bodies respond to high-intensity – short-bursts of exercise in 10 minute increments – while others can get by with one-hour workouts, three times a week.  Again, all is dependent upon so many other issues that to say I’ll just follow this plan does your body a disservice.

So how do you know if your exercise routine fits you? The answer is simple. Are you achieving your goals?  If the answer is no then perhaps you should find a better fit. Don’t forget the body plateaus after more than 4-6 weeks of consistent unaltered exercising, and needs a change regardless of who you are and what you’re doing.

Here are a few ways you can make certain you have an exercise routine that fits you:

  1. Understand your body type and lifestyle impediments then Google search work-out routines catered to your goals
  2. If you see someone at the gym (with a similar build to you) who is achieving your desired results, talk to them and ask what their routine is
  3. Make sure you follow a balanced nutrition plan (not a fad diet)
  4. Stay consistent in your nutrition, but keep the exercises vast and varied
  5. Purchase a customized work out plan specifically created to address your goals from sites like
  6. Hire an experienced and professional Certified Personal Trainer

Lastly, if I could only give you one sentence of advice it would be this. Do not assume that cardio is the sole answer to fat reduction. Too many people use cardio like it’s a quick fix to everything.  It is a tool best used in conjunction with resistance training, core and strength building and proper nutrition.

Once you embrace your differences and educate yourself on how best to achieve your goals under your current set of circumstances, your fitness routine will be a better fit, as will your body.

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Ms. Dane has 4 National Certifications as a Personal Trainer (ACE, NASM, NESTA, APEX),  is a Certified Life Strategies Coach  from The Spencer Institute, prior to entering private practice worked for 24 Hour Fitness and Fitness 19 as a Master Trainer. With a focus on whole life fitness, Ms. Dane created Dane Life Fitness offering full service personal training, nutritional counseling, life coaching, and small business growth and development mentoring. She also created Workouts 247 offering customized workouts and meal plans for clients seeking professional advice, but wishing to conduct their exercise routines without the presence of a trainer.

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