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Cluster Sets – The Routine Remix

Stewart Rogers September 11, 2012 Exercise Comments Off on Cluster Sets – The Routine Remix
Cluster Sets – The Routine Remix

In our first Routine Remix, we talk about Cluster Sets. Our Routine Remix feature is designed to shake up your sessions so that your body is constantly challenged, helping you get better results.

So what is a Cluster Set?

Cluster Sets help you to improve your technique and form while adding volume to your workout, which in turn reduces the chance of injury and assists you in receiving greater gains from your exercise routine.

Here’s the theory.

Instead of doing high or low-weight reps to failure across one to four sets, a Cluster Set focuses instead on performing more low-rep sets with short rests in between.

Here are two example for a Routine Remix that’ll deliver instant benefits.

If you usually lift a weight, such as performing a bench press, for ten reps and 3-4 sets to failure change it up and lift that weight only four times, then rest for 20 seconds. Now do that ten times for a total of 40 reps.

Another good example of a cluster set is to take a weight that is 80% of your 1RM. Then, perform a single rep and rest for 20 seconds, repeating that lift 4-5 times.

The lower reps enable you to keep your form and technique, which in turn gives you greater benefit from the exercise. Cluster Sets, in effect, allow you to add volume without upsetting your technique which is a good way to reduce injury.

Could you use this Routine Remix to keep things fresh? Try Cluster Sets and let us know the results in the comments…

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