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Bigger Biceps With Cable Supersets

Stewart Rogers May 8, 2013 Exercise Comments Off on Bigger Biceps With Cable Supersets
Bigger Biceps With Cable Supersets

Want bigger biceps? Dumbbell and barbell curls can get boring and predictable, so mix up your routine with this cool cable superset that’ll trigger new growth.

Progress with growing biceps can be stalled by doing the same exercise again and again. Moreover, you can simply just get bored of doing exactly the same exercise, so why not mix it up a little?

This superset will trigger new growth and make ‘arm day’ a little more interesting. You’ll need a gym that has a dual cable machine. If you don’t like laying on the gym floor, you’ll also need a mat.

The two moves were going to use in our superset are similar, but target the biceps in different ways. Set up one side of the dual cable machine with a high cable, and the other side near the floor (more details on actual heights follow).

Lying Bicep Cable Curl (Horizontal)

Start on the side with the ‘floor height’ cable. It shouldn’t be at the very lowest position – it needs to be high enough that the cable, when pulled horizontally, is at the same height as your chest.

Lay flat on the floor and place your feet against the cable machine. Now, sit up and grab the cable with an EZ-bar or straight bar attachment.

Lay back down and keep your elbows tucked in to your sides with your arms out straight, resting the bar on your thighs.

Now curl the bar towards you, contracting your biceps in the process, until the bar is up on your chest. Slowly release the weight back to the start position. That is one rep.

Choose a weight that allows you to do 8-12 reps and do one set. Then, immediately move to the second exercise of our superset with no rest.

Lying Bicep Cable Curl (Vertical)

Move to the side with the high cable and this time lay with your head at the machine end – it should be about 6 inches from the machine. The cable shouldn’t be set at maximum height or you won’t be able to reach it! Another change – don’t lay flat. This time, bend your knees.

Begin the move by grabbing the EZ-bar or straight bar attachment. Your arms should be virtually straight. The important thing here is to keep the upper arm, from shoulder to elbow, at 90 degrees to the floor.

Now, contract your biceps to pull the bar down towards your forehead. Then slowly release back to the original position, again trying to keep the upper arm fixed in place.

Again, you’re choosing a weight that allows you to do 8-12 reps.

Complete this set and take a 30 second break, then move back to the horizontal lying bicep cable curl. Do 2-4 supersets in total.

This exercise makes a brilliant ‘finishing move’ on your arm day, and it will keep things interesting in the gym too. The result? Bigger biceps, and all thanks to cable supersets.

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