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The Best Free Workout Plans on the Internet

Stewart Rogers May 14, 2012 Exercise Comments Off on The Best Free Workout Plans on the Internet
The Best Free Workout Plans on the Internet

Workout plans. There seem to be hundreds of free and paid-for options out there on the Internet…

Forever trying to save you time so you can focus on getting fit, UsFitties has scoured the ‘net to find the best free workout plans, covering all levels of ability. Which will you try?


MyFreeTrainer is a simple website that offers a good amount of content.

When you visit the site, you are met with a black box in the middle of the screen. Hover over it and you get to choose your gender, followed by your fitness level (three choices). Once selected, you’re taken to your workout plan.

An introductory video is played and you can then choose to read about each exercise as well as play an instructional video showing you how to do each activity. The quality of the videos is superb (if a little small) and the instructions are clear.

There are also options to print your entire plan for the week, download the videos to your iPod (although we couldn’t get that option to work at the time of print) and each day on the plan comes with a pre and post-workout tip.

MyFreeTrainer is pretty comprehensive. It appears the content is provided without charge in the hope you’ll click the supplement advertising, which is unobtrusive and doesn’t spoil the site.

Maximum Capacity Training

This website is perfect for anyone who wants to get fit without spending money on equipment or gym fees, or for those of you who spend a lot of time ‘on the road’.

Promising a 12-week program of workouts that last just 16 minutes each, three times a week, the emphasis is on body-weight exercises you can do anywhere.

In addition to the excellent descriptions and illustrations, each workout page has a built-in timer and a scoring system that allows you to post your results to Facebook, adding a gaming element to the proceedings. Can’t organise a PC or Mac near where you need to workout? Don’t worry – they’ve even provided a free app for Android and Blackberry users, with iOS and Windows Mobile options to follow soon.

We really can’t recommend this site enough, especially as you already have everything you already need to complete the program; you! The site appears to be free in case you decide to buy the paperback book that, no doubt, goes into everything in more detail.

Love the idea of high-intensity interval training but lack imagination, direction and motivation? That’s where comes in.

The team behind the site publish regular 30-day challenges with highly professional videos and downloadable calendars for you to ‘tick off’. In addition they have recently added new disciplines to the site, including yoga. The quality of the video production, the enthusiasm of the team and their high level of fitness are all apparent throughout.

The workouts are intensive and will certainly challenge you. The downside is that some may find the content a little too racy for their liking, as the BodyRock team have definitely gone down the ‘sex sells’ path. Having said that, there is no doubting that the quality of the free workouts provided by BodyRock are utterly superb, so if you don’t mind the editorial direction of the site you’ll get a really great workout plan that is likely to produce great results.

The site appears to be free courtesy of the large array of equipment that can be purchased through the BodyRock pages, such as GymBoss interval timers, supplements and fitness sandbags.

Information! Whatever your ability level, these free workout plans can really help you achieve your fitness goals. For beginners, try both MyFreeTrainer and Maximum Capacity Training, and for those of you at a more advanced level, will give you a real challenge.

We believe these three websites offer the best free workout plans on the Internet. Have you found any others? Let us know below…

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